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Latest Book Released!

On April 7, 2020 (my birthday) I released my latest book, “Moments from My Heart,” which is a compilation of essays and poems that delve into the deeper parts of what drives me forward. Find out more about my latest book below and stay tuned for more upcoming releases.

Moments from My Heart is a collection of essays that explores the humanity that makes up our lives. If you’ve felt lost, overwhelmed, loved, or even a hint of hope, then we already have so much in common. Let your heart lead the way as you explore a myriad of moving moments. Grief will grip your gut, love will leave you longing, and pain will permeate your pretenses. I believe our hope lies in our honest humanity. From the deepest pains of loss to the strength of determination, you’re guaranteed to feel… something.

Autographed Copy mailed personally by Susie: $23.52 

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Unsigned Copy through Amazon $18.00


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