It’s been a rollercoaster of a week.

My daughter’s school had two incidents this week where shooting threats/rumors have taken place. It’s terrifying to experience the fear of what if and know you most likely wouldn’t be there. Twice in a week, and I know in my soul this won’t be the last time. It’s heart breaking, and frightening. I so desperately need to do something. I know what it means, and I’m trying but I’m not enough. We need more parents who are actively teaching their children how to be kinder while also being aware. Teaching their children to love more and hate never. Teaching their children that inclusion and compassion for one another saves lives. But even we adults don’t seem to pause and practice these things with one another. How will our children ever know if we can’t know ourselves?

Yesterday, I found myself in a courtroom listening to attorneys repeat a man’s hate induced threats toward another. I sat and soaked in, “you don’t belong in this country. You and your people don’t belong here. I’m going to kill you.” I sat and hurt in a way others may never understand, and I envy most for that too. Then as I left, my daughter texted me needing me to get her…. because she was afraid of what might happen.

The world is full of fear and anger right now. It’s everywhere. Most of the people I have spoken to feel it. Deeply, painfully so. It hurts. It tears, and pulls, and gnashes. We are hurting on top of hurting right now. And while I know I can’t fix the world; I also know the world CAN be fixed. But it will take all of us actively working to do more than fulminate on Facebook.

In a single day, I found myself surrounded by chaos, but even amid chaos hope can be found. For me yesterday, that was Joshua Ang Price and Angela Campagna.

Some of you know Josh is running for Arkansas Secretary of State, you also know he and I are both proud Asian Americans. I have shown my support for him a few times, but I cannot speak highly enough of this man. He isn’t a candidate; he is THE candidate. Why? Because he sets his day aside to drive two hours and sit in court all day with a man who needed support and solidarity. Because while he is campaigning, he prioritized a single person and showed them an immense amount of love and support when it was most needed. This is how we make a difference in lives, by being there. By standing up for those who need it when they need it. By not allowing any individual to sit isolated by hate and fear.

But beyond being selfless in his support, he is brilliant. The plans he has for revamping our small business accessibility to funding and support is astounding. He has already strategized a streamlined and simple website that will allow more Arkansans easier access to tools and resources and allow our state to bring in additional opportunities. He has also championed and advocated time and again for voters’ rights. Josh shows up. He will continue to show up for all Arkansans, I know this to be fact. I am truly blessed to be able to call him a friend and to see his successes. He has an enormous heart for Arkansas, and I put 100% of my faith in him. I hope you will learn about the candidates and make the right choice for the future you want to see.

After the day dipped when I was rushing to recover my daughter, I met with Angela. I won’t share her news and hopes publicly without her approval, but all I can say is that there are people in this world who are motivated to make a difference. The world isn’t just chaos and confusion, it is also irises and warriors.

When you see there is a lack of, do something to fill that gap or find someone who can. When you notice someone needs support, be that support. When the world is raging and railing, pause, and recognize the power you wield. Everyone can do something to impact change, and it needn’t be life altering action. It only needs to be a matter of showing up and seeing the opportunities in which you can show up.

I hope to build a life filled with champions who don’t just talk, but act and so far, I have been blessed to do just that.

Action is everything, anything less gets us nowhere.

It’s been a rollercoaster of a week, and I’m still here, fighting. Where are you?


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