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Facebook Live March 4th


Cassandra Seda and I will be going live for Suicide Prevention Allies Monday, March 4th 7pm EST, 6pm CST, 5pm MST to discuss suicide related content and trends and to provide you with some talking points so you can have a meaningful conversation with your kids about safe internet use and to better equip you to prevent suicide in relation to social media.

We hope you’ll join us. This is a great time to ask questions and learn more about what we do as well.

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September on the Horizon

I’ve been jokingly referring to this week as my College Tour.

I trekked two hours, to Russellville, Arkansas to teach a safeTALK course to 20 Arkansas Tech University Career Center instructors. There I met an assortment of people and professions. We had hard discussions about how close to home this issue was for them, and the difficulties we face when trying to navigate the many situations we can have thrust upon us. The world seemed small when several in the room shared a single tragic encounter. No matter how small the world may feel, this problem is devastatingly large. When I left my new allies, I felt hopeful as we made plans to continue these conversations and expand our net of compassion and education. Tired but determined, I headed to my next stop.

An hour down the road, took me to Conway, Arkansas and the University of Central Arkansas early the next morning. We went in five allies deep to teach 150 resident advisors, peer coaches, and resident coordinators suicide prevention, the process of seeking mental health help, how to increase their knowledge of community resources, and last but not least resilience and coping skills.

I kicked off the day by sharing my story. It is all too often a shared story many know in a deeply personal way. The room was filled with tears, laughter, of course, my awkward jokes, and a sense of why it is vital that we encourage people to be educated around the issue of suicide.

Rainy mornings don’t make for the best settings, but we faced the day full of passion and purpose. By the end of it, we changed some minds, found new allies, and left many feeling less alone in this sometimes isolating world.

Days like this bring my heart solace. Maybe, just maybe, one person can be reached.


The conversation has begun.

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Arkansas Tech University

University of Central Arkansas

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What is the End?

We are all in a state of wonder about the “end” of our lives. We can all claim we know but we are all still seeking the truth. What is eternity after death? What is hell? What is Heaven? What if we are all seeking something that is nothing more than a version of what we are currently in? I know that I will not know until my time arrives, but wondering will never stop.

I had a thought the other day. It was a fleeting thought but it left me with a funny impression afterward. What if our afterlife is simply our lives repeating over? Perhaps the end is merely the beginning and our lives repeat in varying forms. If you die and you have been a moral person you are given options to have an easier life filled with happiness. Perhaps our versions of heaven are our lives lived with the ones we love. Maybe those relationships that we once missed out on are fully achieved and realized. Maybe the life-long dream of being able to do what makes you happy is something you can find in your Heaven.

Perhaps the trials of our lives are trials to test us and determine what our next version of our life will be. I know this is a testy subject. People have their religious beliefs and those are one of the FIRE topics that we are supposed to steer clear of, but what if? Just consider it for one second. What if YOU are who determines events in your own life? Can you imagine it? You know those times that you have wanted someone to blame for the troubles in your life? The times you have been at odds with your own suffering. What if it was you who had set you on your own path?

Is it then feasible to consider that perhaps you can also undo future pains for yourself? Can you use morality and goodness to find a happier you somewhere down your own timeline? Can you learn and provide yourself with a brighter timeline? Can you also choose poorly and design a life of loss?

Life is full of possibilities. You hear this all the time. It can be hard to hear when you are down, when you are struggling, when you are questioning your position. This is a thinking post. This is a post to put your own power in perspective.

You have power over your life. You can control certain aspects of your own life. Perhaps our deaths are not us starting over. God may be waiting to walk hand in hand with us at the end. We all have our beliefs. The point is that we also have power over ourselves. Our outlooks are only limited by what we allow our eyes to see. We can open our eyes to the real problems and we can use our hearts to achieve solutions.

Good night everyone.