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  • Latest Book Released!

    April 14, 2020 by

    On April 7, 2020 (my birthday) I released my latest book, “Moments from My Heart,” which is a compilation of essays and poems that delve into the deeper parts of what drives me forward. Find out more about my latest book below and stay tuned for more upcoming releases. Moments from My Heart is a… Read more

  • Look at Me

    April 4, 2020 by

    Look at me, Returned to playground taunts, Returned to archaic fears and thoughts. (I cannot change my face.)  These eyes have seen you looking,  Closely, Scrutinizing their squint and folds, Evaluating the ethnicity behind their soul.  (I cannot change this place.)  These eyes have seen you assuming, Forcing fears upon my heavy lids, Holding back… Read more

  • WiseHealth for Women Radio: Grief Series: Episode 1

    February 19, 2020 by

    “Life is precious, and so is saying goodbye.” -Linda Kreter Grief is the longest, most painful goodbye. It’s awful, one-sided, awkward, and agonizing. Just when you think you have let go of their hand, a reminder, memory, or image flashes before your heart and takes you back to where they once were. Sometimes they gently… Read more

  • Second Annual Rock the World

    January 22, 2020 by

    There have been moments in my life when I have felt unworthy of the blessings I have known due to the work I’ve found myself doing. The moment I connected with the Yorks and the Joshua York Legacy Foundation was most definitely one of them. I adore this family and the work and love they… Read more

  • Six and a Half Weeks Ago

    January 13, 2020 by

    The world showed me six and half weeks ago how little it can care about us and the worlds we build. Six and a half weeks ago the world took so much within only a matter of moments and it left no time to pick up any shattered pieces. Those first 9 days, people paused… Read more

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