We’re Talking Podcast Interview

I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed by Chris Potter on his We’re Talking podcast this week. We covered a lot of ground and I shared a few key moments in my life and how my work has helped me through difficult times.

Here is the iTunes link to my episode:


You can find the podcast at anchor.fm/weretalking

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Thank you for tuning in!


Total Air Force Training

I’m absolutely undeniably thankful to be able to offer guidance and to continually learn in all the ways I do. Last week the Little Rock Air Force Base trained their new crop of trainers and it was my honor to sit in the room and play a part. Passion, it never ceases to amaze me how many people are working to help one another.

Don’t give up hope. They’re out there, we’re out here, trying. Every day trying to make a difference.

Kudos to Elizabeth Bishop and Ashley Shippee for all the work they do for their Air Force Base. They deserve recognition, thanks, and copious treats. Chocolate is always a good bet, right?


Arkansas Community Speed Sharing Event

Great day yesterday with amazing people!! Thanks to everyone who made it a success. Especially, Richard Tatum II for directing and managing all things technical, Samantha Minster for flawlessly navigating the interwebs, Wendy Au Thompson for being the grace to my clumsy, and everyone else who participated, spoke, and spent time with us.

Can’t wait for the next event. Keep your eyes open and follow American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – Arkansas Chapter and Suicide Prevention Allies for more.

Check out our Facebook Live videos from today on Suicide Prevention Allies and learn about some amazing community resources for Arkansas.

Here’s our morning welcome and first video from the day with Wendy Thompson of American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and Ali Miller of Camp Aldersgate.

And to continue the Wendy and Susie sweetness saga we shared a cookie to celebrate today’s success and toast to the next round. Enjoy!!