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Finding Your Public Speaker in 2020

How do you choose an impactful speaker these days?

You have a conference, training, or general event coming up. You’ve planned and put together your agenda. You know your audience, but who are you bringing to really cement your program in stone? Are you simply bringing in the first name you can think of or do you have the perfect person in mind?

1: Talk to your speaker and be sure they understand the needs of your audience as well as what your goals are for the event.

2: Ask qualifying questions up front. What is your rate? What additional services can you provide for this rate? Have you worked with this audience type before? What are your needs during the event? What technology needs do you have? What types of event promotion can we expect from you? Think of this as a job interview, because that is exactly what you are doing.

3: Do your homework on them and be sure you have a feel for their style.

4: Be upfront about your needs. Your event agenda, logistics, your goals, and your expectations. Don’t settle!

5: Check around! The ball is in your court. If you are in need of a speaker, do your research and find one you connect with on a personal level. There’s no harm in having a few speakers you like either. You can always create a speaker list for future events.

6: Don’t wait to book a speaker! Many speakers are booked out weeks to months in advance. The sooner you can get them to tentatively hold a date the better.

7: Keep your speaker informed of your planning and event process. The more information they have the better they can be prepared to do a great job.

Good luck on your search for the perfect complement to your event.

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public speaker


Success is all about perspective.

It is short-lived and ravenous. Its survival depends on the attention span. And let’s face it, the attention span suffers from Alzheimers. Success demands sacrifices. As the offerings become greater, success demands more and more of us. It is fickle. It is moody. Often it is unnoticed when we want it to be seen most. Success doesn’t allow us to see behind the curtain of late nights, early mornings, heartaches, or pain that we bind together in order to feed its appetite. What you see as success, can sometimes be nothing more than chains.

People aren’t always in our corners, even when they say they are. Anyone who has ever put their soul and hearts out there knows how devastating it is when we realize those we think are on our team, aren’t. And we know, don’t we? We see it, even if we don’t say anything in the moment. We can find ourselves proud of how much we have accomplished and look around to see we are the only ones celebrating. We see, but sometimes we are too set on that goal to stop for things that are only trying to pull us down.

The best mindset to have is to live your life for you. Push forward, no matter what, for you. Not for others to be proud, not for others to cheer, not for others to see you as successful, but for you.

I’m really lucky to have had the chance to get to know so many people in my life. Sometimes the least likely relationships grow to be the ones you can’t imagine not having. I cannot tell you all the moments I often revisit that involve so many of you, because I don’t have enough time in this world to try. But many of you do cross my mind more often than you will ever know. Your stories, hearts, pain, aches, they are parts of me now and forever.

So I wanted to say thank you to everyone who has cheered me on, clapped for me, and supported me in any way. I wanted to tell you, you have not gone unnoticed. I wanted to appreciate you for you, for what you mean to me, and for how you have supported me.

I didn’t set out to find myself where I am today, but when your purpose hits you in the face like a brick wall, you are destined to never be blind to it again. Not everyone understands, not everyone cares, not everyone is truly cheering when they say they are and none of that really matters in the end. Because in the end, I won’t be here to see what I leave behind. All I can hope, is that someone out there will remember me fondly. As I will many of you.

We are here for as long as we are allowed to be here. While I am here, I plan on keeping on. I will continue on my path, I have a feeling many of you may have an inkling what that could be. And while I push forward, I hope to continue to know you, to meet more of you, and to help. In whatever small way I am able.

For me, success is doing something greater than myself so the world can seem less lonely and cold because I was once scared of how small I felt.

To those who have bought a book today, I thank you for supporting my work. To those who bought one yesterday, I thank you for allowing me the chance to live my life and help others. To those who will buy one tomorrow, I will continue to thank you for all the hopes you are telling me I can continue to hold tight.

You are allowing me to share pieces of my soul. You are granting me the ability to take better care of my universe in more ways than I can express on this platform. And you are giving me the strength to continue on an all too often exhausting journey. So, truly, I thank you all from the whole of my heart for supporting this human and the humans who belong to me.

Keep your eyes open for several more books coming soon. If you don’t want to keep your eyes open, I hope your dreams never fail to outshine your reality.

The Art of Safe Storytelling

I developed this training and guidebook to help those who asked me for guidance on how to share their own stories. I wanted to share the hard lessons I learned when I stumbled through the frightening world of standing absolutely vulnerably in front of strangers and hoped I wasn’t damaging any of us. I created this book because I realized how important it was for me to take care of my wellbeing while I was trying to prevent suicides and I wanted to encourage others to do the same. I wrote this book because I never felt like a few minutes after a presentation was enough time to share all the important things I have learned in storytelling through my years. I wanted to help others develop their story, care for themselves, and share experiences that just might bring us all closer together.

This self-paced easy to follow guidebook walks any person hoping to share their lived experience through tips on caring for themselves, developing their story, and keeping their audience at the forefront of their work.

It’s perfect for any speaker, new or seasoned!

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Message me today for your copy, or to ask about wholesale opportunities.

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