Speaking Fearlessly Always

Discover the Path to Fearless Expression as I reflect and grow from my work in the fields of Lived Experience and Suicide Prevention.

Learn with me, if you're up for the challenge. 



I am honored and grateful to have been selected as one of the 2022 Future 50 by Arkansas Money & Politics. It’s a great feeling to be recognized among the […]
I’m so proud of the hard work of our Project 2025 Corrections team. Pictured Melissa J. Zielinski, Ph.D., Katy Allison, Ph.D., MPH, UAMS, Susie Reece. We have been working in […]
I am so honored to be a panelist for this event. Our panel discussion sets the tone for the day.  Select social media platforms have proactively deployed sophisticated artificial intelligence […]
As my time in Washington sets, I’m truly grateful to everyone who made this trip possible. I’m not able to share many details but I can say, I have made […]
Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Our veterans are highly vulnerable to suicide and its impact. If you support our veterans and wish to help change this alarming health trend, please get […]
FOREVER 39 In 1994, my father was a few months shy of turning 40 years old when he died by suicide. 39, and gone. Decades later, in 2019 my sister […]
Stopping for your mental health is strength. (Because people will judge, gossip about, and look down on you and we know it. Because we realize we simply can’t go on […]
I am beyond honored to be included in the Suicide Prevention Resource Center’s Lived Experience Advisory Committee. This is the first national committee of its kind. I can remember poring […]
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