About Susie

Susie Reynolds Reece, comedically and proudly known as the Southern Fried Asian (because she is southern raised with a crispy Korean coating), is a published author, national public speaker, and violence prevention strategist and consultant. Reece is most sought after for her expertise in the area of suicide prevention. She is skillfully adept at blending the realms of science and research with experiences and storytelling in order to engage and compel any person to be equipped to educatedly stand up for social issues.

Reece was a founding member and the first and only Chairperson of the Garland County Suicide Prevention Coalition (GCSPC) located in Hot Springs, Arkansas. In 2017, GCSPC gained formal 501c3 nonprofit status under the guidance of Reece. She was named the Executive Director of the newly rebranded Suicide Prevention Allies (SPA).

She is a certified instructor in an array of subjects and has taught thousands of courses to a wide audience from inmates to Marines Major General and Command Staff at Marine Training Headquarters and everyone in between. Reece has presented, consulted, and spoken to hundreds of thousands all over the United States. Beyond public speaking, Reece facilitates and implements a variety of exciting educational trainings and workshops that expand team member skills and promote community health.

Reece strives to raise awareness of the issues of suicide, interpersonal violence, mental health and substance use disorders. She acts as a social entrepreneur connecting and educating stakeholders on their unique roles and assets when dealing with the social issues within their communities. Reece has produced an array of content related to both mental health and substance abuse prevention. She holds countless certifications within the fields of coalition building and prevention with her focus area in the prevention of suicide. Reece’s varied professional experience in public relations, community non-profits, systemic programming, training, education, networking, and writing provide the perfect foundation for building a strong and successful suicide prevention, social justice, or nonprofit movement.

Reece is no stranger to the desperate need for suicide prevention, having lost her father to suicide in early childhood and later fighting major depression throughout her formative and adult years. She is a powerfully engaging story teller who conveys passion by drawing from her own tragic experiences, in order to use hard learned lessons to empower audiences to overcome life’s obstacles. She is a staunch mental health advocate who is not afraid to tackle a difficult issue head on to help normalize the necessity of speaking out when times get tough. Reece deftly blends humor, education, and enthralling stories in a unique and memorable manner to compel any audience to become advocates and leaders for social change.

Her books and training workbooks

The Children’s Guide to Parenting,”

 “The i’Mpossible Project: Lemonade Stand,”

Not Just Responding,”

“the Art of Safe Storytelling,”

7 Postvention Tips eBook,”

7 Safe Storytelling Tips eBook,”

and her latest release “Moments from My Heart” are currently available on Amazon.

Is Susie right for your group?

Reece has worked with and spoken to various populations and groups including K-12 schools, youth camps, colleges and universities, youth serving organizations, local and state government agencies, incarcerated populations, health organizations, non-profit organizations, faith-based organizations, law enforcement, first responders, military and federal agencies, and corporate groups.

Reece customizes her presentations to each audience to be sure to meet their unique needs and leave them with practical and memorable solutions to some of life’s most difficult issues.

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