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Reece, also known as THE Southern Fried Asian (she is the original recipe), is an international mental health advocate, and a national speaker and activist.  Reece has been a recognized leader and suicide prevention strategist for nearly a decade. Reece began her career as a grassroots organizer of suicide prevention efforts. Reece has championed and led multiple activism efforts revolving around suicide prevention, mental health, lived experience, and inclusivity.

She centers her work around her Lived Experience of being a child survivor of suicide loss. At the tender age of 10, Reece lost her beloved father, a decorated army veteran. Her father’s traumatic death drastically altered the course of her life and pushed her down a path of having open and candid conversations about suicide. Reece’s lived experience of suicide loss and her struggles with suicide ideation, attempts, and stigma ensure she continually centers the needs of those most affected by suicide.

Reece’s lived experience inspires others to overcome the fear that deters most from expressing their truth. Her life’s work is to encourage others to safely engage in the healing process that occurs from transforming the challenging stories of their lives into meaning and purpose. 

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