Ms. Reece gave a fantastic lecture on suicide prevention in which she told the story of her father who died by suicide. She somehow made a suicide prevention lecture amusing by adding humor along with the terrifying and somber stories. Ms. Reece was most likely put through the most trauma in her life out of everyone in the room, and she still managed to keep the mood bright and state many facts while doing it.

– High School Student

I’ve been through a lot of different trainings and this trainer was easily one of the best. She explained herself well, was knowledgeable, and brought the class in. Easy 11 out of 10 rating. Also, she made some funny jokes that no one laughed harder at than me.

– Air Force Member

Susie was a great presenter. I was not looking forward to this training, but she changed my outlook.

– Educator

Susie is a GREAT public speaker.

– Phillip Pierce

Ms. Reece gave a great presentation on suicide awareness and really kept our attention. She was funny and serious at the same time, and having to go through some experiences herself gave me a view of  “She’s been through it too, she knows what it’s like.” and I developed a respect for a woman I’ve never met before. She said how it was and wasn’t one to beat around the bush, “This is suicide, these are the causes, these are the lies, and here are ways to handle the situation.” and brought a new light to my eyes.

– High School Student

I am no longer “scared” of this conversation because of Susie.

– Deborah Borsas

Susie keeps it real. She is very professional on all levels.


The class was different for me. I liked it because she gave her story and didn’t just talk about the reasons about suicide. Even with it being a suicide prevention presentation, I enjoyed how she still put out a joke every once in a while to lighten it up but it was still serious.

– High School Student

Ms. Susie is very knowledgeable and funny. She can connect with people on a whole different level. I appreciate it.

– Church Member

I really enjoyed this training. It was very enlightening and engaging. I am glad I came today!

– Regina Edwards, Air Force Member

Susie speaks truth with humor.

– Church Member

What she was saying was deep and understandable in why she was there. She did not want people going through what she just went through. 

– High School Student

This training was amazing. It showed me how far showing compassion, care, and concern can go with helping others. I now feel like I am more comfortable with having to ask the hard questions if a situation were to arise in the future. Thank you so much!

– Melissa, Air Force Member

This class made me call my daughter and tell her I love her.

– Marine Command Staff Member