Reece offers a range of services to help you achieve the results you’re after.


Reece excels at creating and delivering custom content that meets the unique needs of your audience. She offers speaking tips, tools, and various training consults as well.


Reece offers hands-on strategic training to improve team and individual knowledge and behavior based skills that address an array of social issues. 


Reece provides group and organizational consulting through one-on-one consultations, trainings, and seminars. 

*Speech Development Strategies

*Storytelling Development Tips

*Topic Specific Trainings

*Skill Building

*Content Creation and Delivery

*Personalized Coaching

*Organizational Development

*Curriculum Development

*Train the Trainer Program Development


Reece is a seasoned, dynamic and charismatic public speaker.

She has extensive training in public speaking, speech development, strategic communication, and facilitation that ensure she is a powerful, adaptable, and impactful presenter in any space.

Her outside of the box strategies repeatedly changes perceptions, creates deep dialogue, and empowers individuals to address difficult issues through the use of their unique strengths. 


Reece can teach you to facilitate engaging and productive meetings so your team can deliver information to your stakeholders in a well-organized and memorable manner. 

Reece provides trainings and consultations using best practices and the latest research in learning and development. 

Reece understands that needs vary and offers a variety of programs as single or multi-session classes/workshops to best meet needs of clients. 


Reece improves organizational impact as well as program design and implementation through one-on-one consultation, trainings, and seminars.

She uses diagnostic listening, forward thinking strategic planning, and capacity building to create impactful and sustainable efforts; guiding clients by helping them make informed decisions, helping them assess their programs and operations, preparing for change resistance, managing boundaries, and expanding their visibility and impact. 

Reece offers organizational assessment, planning, and implementation strategies using unbiased perspective and constructive feedback to help you grow and succeed. 

Is your organization or group in need of customized programming or curriculum? Then check out some of Susie’s latest work samples.

Please contact Mike Facciolo for a full list of Susie’s keynote speeches, presentations, and workshops. 

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