Offering custom keynote speeches, trainings, and workshops that cover the spectrum of wellbeing and health. Reece’s content and delivery is sure to make your next event memorable. 


Reece delivers  hands-on strategic training for groups and organizations looking to innovate their processes and provide comprehensive care for their people. 


Reece provides strategic organizational consulting for groups looking to expand their current programs and create more impact and visibility in their communities. 

About Susie

Susie is a facilitator, violence prevention strategist, and consultant.

I have dedicated my life to understanding how we can better approach difficult issues. My abilities, experiences, knowledge, and most importantly my passion all position me to empower others to live and connect in more meaningful  ways.

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Susie commands the stage and the classroom with energy, grace, and humor. She gives 100% of herself to every event and that effort shows time and time again.

Gordon C.

Author and Speaker

SFA was very thorough to gain clarity and understanding of the services needed. Cost and time required for the project were very clear upfront and fair market rate. Once the project was complete it exceeded expectations. I have already assured SFA, we will being soliciting their expertise on a future project.

Myra W. 

Executive Director

I can only describe her style and delivery as “Susie-like.” She grabbed an audience of jaded first responders, many of whom thought as I did, pulled us in close, and gave us perspective many couldn’t have known.

Lt. Severns

Police Officer

Susie Reece is an amazing collaborative and inventive colleague. Her professionalism, warmth, and capabilities result in superlative training and podcasts we’ve done, and I look forward to working with her with new opportunities.

Linda Kreter

Entrepreneur and Trainer