I apologize to anyone who may have contacted me these past few weeks. All areas of life have been chaotic, so forgetfulness and short attention span have taken full control of….squirrel! Er, I mean.

I should have the new department up and open by May 1st, and then I will be working on policies and some Amazing projects! I hope you’ll all visit our new CHI St. Vincent- Hot Springs spot. (5th Floor of the Medical Office Building) Take advantage of our FREE wealth of information and the view while you’re there.

Please be patient with me as I create something new and expand something old. And I’ll do my best not to turn blue from stress. Change is never easy, but it can often be rewarding.

You will also see me begin shifting out of some roles. With that, more opportunities for others will soon become available. (No more job hogging for this girl.) If your heart is in helping, then keep your eyes open. Nothing is as rewarding as loving and doing what you do for more than a paycheck. I promise.

Once all is completed, I shall return to my normal level of Susie. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, though.


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