Speaking Fearlessly Always

Discover the Path to Fearless Expression as I reflect and grow from my work in the fields of Lived Experience and Suicide Prevention.

Learn with me, if you're up for the challenge. 



Ever notice how successful teams seem to communicate effortlessly? 🚀  Well, it isn’t effortless. It takes a deep respect for “good communication” to build a strong team bond.  Here’s a […]
I was asked to write a blog for the new international resource the Lived Experience Advisory Directory. LEAD connects the Lived and Living Experience workforce with opportunity, knowledge, and support […]
To be honest, my experiences speaking were rather unpleasant the first several goes of it. I know I’ve said this recently, but it bears repeating. I mean, I spoke. People […]
In 2015, I had the privilege of training Marines HQ Command Staff over the course of a couple days. I was nervous. I felt like an imposter all the way […]
Leadership comes in many forms. From being a role model to those younger in their journeys to being a work supervisor.  In lived experience, leadership often goes hand in hand […]
( Felt led to write this today, please note there are mentions of death and brief allusions to multiple forms suicide loss. ) You don’t know where you are. You can’t […]
Lived Experience language is everywhere these days, from titles to resume’ descriptions. However, many are limited by how they view lived experience in professional spaces. Where professional titles can often […]
Context is compassionate. Context allows for informed decisions. Context provides for both people to step in with the chance to understand and connect. Do you prefer, “Can we talk?” Or […]
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