I enjoyed organizing and hosting this recent suicide prevention conference with the help of numerous Black community leaders. It was an incredible event that brought together mental health professionals, educators, faith-based organizations, and community leaders to address the issue of suicide, focusing on awareness and prevention in the Black community.

As a mental health advocate, I understand that suicide is a serious public health concern and that mental health issues are often stigmatized in the Black community. This conference aimed to raise awareness and provide a safe space for Black individuals to share their struggles and seek help. It was an opportunity to unite communities and have hard conversations centered around healing.

The conference focused on the importance of culturally competent care and addressing Black individuals’ unique mental health challenges. The conference featured several informative sessions and workshops that focused on various aspects of mental health, including coping skills, stress management, and self-care. We also had interactive discussions on suicide prevention, depression, and anxiety, as well as resources and support available in the community.

Conferences like this are crucial to addressing the Black community’s mental health challenges. They provide an opportunity for Black individuals to have an open and honest conversation about mental health and suicide prevention and to access the resources and support they need.


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