This was amazing. Super proud to be able to be apart of this amazing journey. Our youth have voices, and they’re magnificent. Let’s empower them and listen to what they have to say.

On Tuesday, Lake Hamilton High School Sources of Strength team held one of their regular team meetings where students participated in a suicide awareness activity. Lexy Gilbert coordinated an activity where students displayed the dizzying impact of suicide across the state, country, and lifespan.

Students used ping pong balls to represent the thousands of lives lost every year which amounts to one death by suicide every 12 minutes. Students then “saved” each life by taking the time to do something small. The task of saving thousands seemed daunting when you look at all those who are lost each year as a whole, but one person making a difference in one life, would add up quickly if we all worked together.

Students then participated in a team building exercise by pairing up and blindfolding one partner as the other guided them through an obstacle course.

The next big Sources of Strength event will be held on November 13th which is National Kindness Day.


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