Perhaps you have experienced things. Maybe you have been changed over the course of your life, and you want to share your journey with others. There are thousands of reasons why people want to share stories. Sometimes some of us want to tell others our stories. We may want to protect others or share our lessons in order to educate and safeguard them. Some hope to shield others from feeling the same pains we once felt. Others want to share how far they’ve come. Perhaps they are proud of their journey and the things they’ve had to do within themselves to be stronger. Maybe you need someone to understand how hard you have fought to be standing where you are today. You may want to be seen for who you are now.

Sharing a story safely is about the ability to help heal. The focus should never be on describing one’s pain in great detail with no purpose. When we share deep traumas openly, we can unintentionally cause harm. We can unintentionally hurt others or share things that aren’t necessary to show the strength it took to overcome. Every person is at a different point in their path. Some of them are behind you. Some haven’t yet found the strength to get through. There are those who only just got through. Stories can be a difficult reminder when not shared safely. We can’t know by looking out in the crowd where people are in their journey, how far they’ve come, or where they’re going. We must be cautious and considerate when we share deeply intimate and sometimes difficult experiences.

It’s our place to do our best to be safe in what we say and how we say it. Unsafe stories can open up pain, overwhelm someone, or trigger traumas and fears. The Art of Safe Storytelling was specifically built for you to develop and share your story while considering your needs and the needs of your audience and guiding you on how to build a beautiful, engaging, and memorable story that is all about you. Storytelling is a part of who we are. Stories drive us. 

Tell me, what’s the story driving you?

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