Sometimes we assume we know what a person is going through when it can be difficult to understand their problems or stresses from our limited perspective. We often say the phrase, “Put yourself in their shoes,” but how often do we apply that concept literally to learn subjectively?

I love learning and working to expand my limited understanding. I’m blessed to have connections like those at North Hills Animal Hospital, who so openly welcome the opportunity to help others in their field by allowing me to witness their worlds firsthand. 

Experiences can be shared when we open ourselves to learning more about them. 

Thank you to the Outstanding team at North Hills Animal Hospital for allowing me to peak behind the scenes into their work life.

Veterinarian suicide rates are 2 to 3.5 times higher than the national average for male and female veterinarians, respectively. Dr. Campbell and Melissa let me dive into their team members’ stresses. While there, I also saw how a close-knit work environment that supports one another could create more than just a positive workplace but a family.

I’ll take the information I gathered today and share it, along with some key suicide prevention messages, nationally in just a few months.

I can’t thank North Hills enough for offering insight and help to their fellows across the United States.

If you’re a pet owner needing a clinic, this is beyond a 5 Star recommendation.

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