It amazes me that there are these secret hidden gems of human beings walking around the Earth, doing good things because they care, loving others even when they get zero credit or recognition, and not always seeing themselves as astonishingly astounding for the way they move through this world.

When I look back on the darkness of this past year, the thing that hurt me the deepest was the lack of opportunity to connect with human beings beyond the superficial.

Broaden your horizons. Invite others to eat at your tables. Expand the invitations you extend into the world around. Find your folks.

Because those same old circles, simply cannot create the ripples we need to change this world.

If I’ve learned anything, it’s that I can’t do it alone. And neither can any of us on our own.

You’re all welcome here, with me.

Man, I’m lucky as hell to know some of y’all. Thank you for letting me exist as myself in your universes.

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