Meaningful Engagement of Lived Experience

The WHO recently released a framework for meaningful engagement of lived experience.

It is important to respectfully and fairly include people with firsthand experience in different processes and activities. We should all create an environment where power is shared with the people and where we recognize that lived experience is a valuable form of expertise that can help improve health outcomes.

The framework talks about essential questions to consider. Like, who gets to be part of these processes? And the importance of including diverse folks to ensure everyone’s perspective is included.

Another thing the framework mentions is the rights of the people involved. We should ensure everyone is treated equitably, with respect and dignity. It’s about valuing experiences and perspectives.

And let’s not forget power. The framework reminds us to consider who holds the power in these engagements. We must make certain that power is shared so everyone has a say in the decisions and so that those with power are also those with Lived Experience. Far too often power has been held and used as a barrier or tool against those with Lived Experience.

It’s about being inclusive, respecting people’s expertise, and using their insights to positively impact health outcomes all while empowering and promoting equity.

So, if you’re working in a field where you need to engage people with lived experiences, this framework from the WHO is a great tool to guide you and offer your work standards in which you can build strong and impactful practices around.

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