Ever notice how successful teams seem to communicate effortlessly? 🚀 

Well, it isn’t effortless. It takes a deep respect for “good communication” to build a strong team bond. 

Here’s a few things to keep in mind…

Communication is the means in which we build, stagnate, or demolish. Many believe they are communicating well but may be missing the mark. Remember, context is key. Context in communication is the surrounding circumstances. It sets the tone and influences how we receive and interpret messages. Context is the who, what, when, and where. It provides necessary background details or what led to the current communication episode so all parties can be on the same page. Context allows everyone to operate and make decisions equitably.

In the realm of team dynamics, neglecting communication is the silent trust killer. Open dialogue and sharing info keep trust going strong. 🔥 Silence, slow responses, lack of details- these all erode and destroy trust. Over time, these communication killers will lead to others avoiding communication altogether. 

Remember trust is the product of transparency and honesty. Share the victories, acknowledge the losses, and embrace challenges and uncertainties. Let people know what’s going on, even when it feels awkward or uncomfortable. Tell your team about your struggles and they will respect your strengths even more.

Authenticity is the glue that bonds and fosters deeper trust. Authenticity is easier said than done though. 

Consistency is the other unsung hero of trust. Keep your communication style reliable and steady. Predictability fosters faith; with every consistent interaction, the trust foundation strengthens. Once you’ve shown consistency people know what to expect and they don’t worry or wonder what will happen (or not happen) next. They also don’t ruminate or operate from fear. We often internalize situations and think they are about us when there isn’t a strong foundation of trust. 

💪🏼 Strong communication is open, honest, full of context, timely, and consistent. These factors will ensure your team flourishes. 📈

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📧 Stay tuned! I’ll be sharing my CLEAR Method for better email communication soon. 📧


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