Your lives are going to be much harder than mine. Not because I want it to be that way but because the world has gotten darker with time.

You will need to be more careful of your actions because every detail of your lives will be immortalized through technology for all the world to see.

You will need to be more wary of other people because many parents today are not putting an emphasis on morality and goodness. Honestly many parents today are being selfish and not parenting their children at all because it actually takes effort and work to do that.

You will need to work harder and longer because the cost of living will have gone up so much by the time you are adults. You will need to have lower expectations because even though you will work harder there will be less people who will actually take pride in the work they will do.

You will need to be tougher because so many people like to tear others down and there are fewer people who want to build others up. Each of your days will be filled with bullies and jealousy. People are filled with anger and selfishness now and because of that you will suffer even if you are strong.

You will need to be smarter because those same people will like to see you fail. You will also have to go to school longer because there are already so many people with two degrees and no jobs.

You will need to be wiser because there will be more things to tempt you and tear you down and I will not know them all. I will not be enough to give you the wisdom I have learned.

You will need to be more than what was needed of me and my generation and it’s because my generation is providing you with less. I’m sorry for what we aren’t doing for you, for what we aren’t teaching you, and for what we aren’t providing for you. We are leaving you a legacy of a life filled with hardship.

Be strong, be wise, and be kind because you are being taught differently and because the world will need you.

Your Mother-  


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