People are always asking me about my job(s), and I can never give a concise or simple answer because what I do varies daily and even from hour to hour. But this organizing, collaborating, and creating something original, unique, and much needed is the driving force behind my daily tasks. 

I am truly blessed to know so many who would and do willingly and openly want to help improve the lives of those we don’t necessarily know. 

Special thanks to Amy Hale, Todd Marchese, John Schroeder, Jason Lawrence, Lenora Erickson, CHI St. Vincent, and many more who put their hearts into this piece. 

One mission, many roads, all to prevent suicide.  

Please keep your eyes open for our newest media campaign geared toward law enforcement officers. Preventing suicide can be done by anyone for anyone!

We want to give a Huge shoutout to Todd Marchese Photography for his amazing professionalism while filming our newest Public Service Announcement this past Thursday. Todd has donated so much of his time and expertise to this public health issue, and we are truly humbled by his desire to help. 

We also want to thank a few of our amazing actors, Amy Hale, Sgt. John Schroeder, Noah Erickson, and Deputy Kyle Hecke. 

Special thanks to Piney Fire Protection Association, the Garland County Coroner’s Office, Garland County Sheriff’s Office, Holcomb’s Transport & Recovery, Inc., Undersheriff Jason Lawrence, and the Garland County Detention Center.


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