Love hard…. love often and foolishly.

Intimate partners, friends, acquaintances, it doesn’t matter. As long as you show others how much you love them. You never know who needs to be loved at this very moment.

Stop wasting time. 

It’s your time. Use it how you want. Skip the meeting, ditch the event, lose yourself to you and you alone. Because every hour adds up, and in the end, you won’t remember the minutes, only the memories. 

Wear the outfit. 

It may mean you stand out, ask yourself why you should only fit in.

Be weird. 

Seriously, be you. Do what makes you giggle. Smile, laugh, and forget about who’s watching. 

Cut ties with sharp-edged folks. 

You know the ones. The ones who talk about you the second you walk away. The ones who point out your flaws. The ones who make you feel deflated and worn down. 

Invest in you. 

Pour your time and energy into what makes your life worth living. Whether it’s learning, loved ones, art, or calm. 


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