In math class today, I learned that two out of 24 students have made a suicide attempt in the past year. (CDC, 2014) Before today, I didn’t realize I wasn’t the only one.

In English class today, I realized that my creative writing was beautifully grim but not realistic enough to be taken seriously. I wish my teacher had asked me if I was struggling.

At lunch today, I learned to hide that I was eating my food in the library so no one realized I had no friends to sit with.

Today’s art class taught me that I can only express so much of my pain before it makes others uncomfortable. Honestly, I wish they knew how much I held back.

The driver noticed I was being taunted on the bus today but didn’t know how to tell them to stop.

At school today, I was safe. No one knows what it’s like for me at home.

As these final few days of the school year are coming to a close, some of you are thinking about summer fun, some are already counting down the days to the next school year. What are we doing to prepare for our students? We should educate on suicide prevention every year, is your school educated?

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