As a community board member for Levi Hospital, I was excited to be involved in the recent survey conducted by the organization. The survey aimed to identify the most pressing healthcare needs of the community in Hot Springs, Arkansas, and the results provided valuable insights that will inform the community’s future initiatives.

The survey included responses from over 1,000 residents. The results highlighted several key areas of concern, including access to healthcare services, affordability of healthcare, and mental health support.

One of the survey’s most significant findings was that many residents reported difficulty accessing healthcare services. This is especially true for rural areas with limited transportation options. The survey also found that the high cost of healthcare was a significant barrier for many residents, with some even reporting that they had to choose between paying for healthcare or other essential needs like food and housing.

Another crucial concern highlighted by the survey was the need for better mental health support. Many respondents reported struggling with mental health issues, but few felt they had access to adequate resources or support. This underscores the urgent need for increased funding and resources to address mental health issues in the community.
As a community board member, I am committed to working with the Levi Hospital Foundation to address these pressing healthcare needs. We are already exploring ways to expand access to healthcare services and improve affordability, such as partnering with local clinics and hospitals to provide free or low-cost services to those in need.

We are also working to increase access to mental health resources and support, including partnering with local mental health organizations and hosting community events and workshops.

Overall, the survey conducted by Levi Hospital is an essential tool for identifying and addressing the most pressing healthcare needs of the community. As a community member, I am proud to be part of an organization dedicated to improving our community’s health and well-being.


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