Last Thanksgiving…. there are still no words for the loss we endured.

The holidays have never been a time of year I’ve looked forward to, but even more so now. Life can be utterly cruel at times. I’ll never forget that blurry week, the tears, and how many reached out to offer love.

As the days grow darker and we inch closer to a day meant to be filled with gratitude, I can’t help but feel saddened by the loss. My heart and soul hurt for my family and what was taken from us all. I tend to hide away when I’m deeply hurting ( a trauma response). It’s how I feel safe. So forgive me if I’m shorter and less communicative over the coming weeks. Forgive my absences… and if you can’t, then you’re lucky not to know the reasons why some of us struggle.

My favorite humans have never made me feel less than for my need to disappear. You know who you are, and I adore you.

This year may not be what we hoped it would be, but we are still here. There is so much we can’t share here…. but we can always be kind. Everyone is facing difficulties we don’t speak about.

Please be kind.


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