I normally have about 2 to 3 books I’m reading at a time. One is often a refresher read of something I refer back to so I can improve my memory on it, or to keep me fresh in my skills/knowledge. And one is normally something I’m trying to learn more about for whatever reason.

I’m re-reading Jesse Bering’s Suicidal again. It astounds me how absolutely amazing some human beings are in the world and that others may not know they even exist. This is a wonderful book, candid, funny, vulnerable, full of research and science on a desperately difficult topic. If you haven’t read it, I highly recommend it. You can find his books on Amazon for those interested.

And I’m trying to learn more about humor therapy and the mechanics of comedy lately. This is about the third or fourth book I’m on regarding humor and comedy. I picked up the Healing Power of Humor to learn more about how humor impacts us physically and how to be a better Humorist. Although it was written in 1989, there’s still a great deal of good stuff so far.

For those who think it’s blasphemy, I do write in my books. I love exchanging and learning how others think about the content they read. No dogears or damaged pages though. I’m not a complete heathen.

What are you currently reading, learning, or focusing on?


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