I’m worn out …. in the best way, one of productivity and purpose.

This past two weeks has been the epitome of the yin and yang. I’m working on balancing a strangely active and public professional life with a deeply intimate and vulnerably fragile personal life. I hope I can find a way to grow in this and share moments from both for those who care or are interested in the journey.

While out this week with my loves (who I prefer not to share with the world for a litany of reasons), we were looking for new books for our collection when we came across these two books side by side.

I cannot express the depth at which this simple sight touched my heart. It made me think back to my own childhood and what this could have meant to me. It made me feel a world of possibilities for so many who hold space in my heart.

Together, sitting silently, so many possibilities, so many perspectives, and so many voices saying just how beautiful our world can be…. If only we are looking for that beauty.

It may not mean much to some of you. It may seem trivial, or even a reach, but this made me thankful and grateful. Not only for myself, but for the world in front of my children’s feet.

inclusivity #representationmatters #loveyourdifferences


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