Celebrate My Birthday and Your Mental Health!

Yes, today is the day of my birth. And also Jackie Chan’s, my not uncle’s birthday (for those who know, you know.)

Apparently some folks be sharing their CashApps on their birthday. I’m not sure I like asking for free money (the lies are big with this one) but I will say, you could tell me Happy Birthday by supporting my work on Amazon! 

I’m thinking coloring and mental health sounds like a fun way to celebrate the day. Minding Your Health $17.99 Loads of activities, knowledge, and doodle-able (yes that’s my word) spaces. 

I’m old, I’m not rich. Support a small business owner, if you’re able. If you’re not, tell someone they are important and amazing today instead (someone that isn’t me, please). 

Minding Your Health: A Workbook on Being Well

(Perfect for youth, bullet journalers, and anyone who enjoys mindfulness and mental health content)


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