What can I say or add that could encompass what the world has lost?


All that can be said is that you were one of my dearest friends, one of my favorite humans of all time, and you shall remain so for the remainder of my life. I will miss our random texts, creating content, and your heartwarming smile.

So many wishes and not enough memories.

You were and always will be a change-maker, Gordon Corsetti. You made the world better. My “brain twin” and dear friend, I will miss you more than anyone will ever know. Every time I visit this beautiful site you built me, I hurt. But I’m thankful I knew you even for a bit.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please dial 988. Please reach out, Help is available, and suicide can be prevented.


#warriortiltheend #kintsukuroi — with Gordon Corsetti.


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