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Discover the Path to Fearless Expression as I reflect and grow from my work in the fields of Lived Experience and Suicide Prevention.

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I’ve spent hundreds of dollars on donuts a few times in my life. Several of those times were to feed energy laden youth as we plotted how we would take over the world and spread hope and mental health one fun activity at a time. They knew me best as the “suicide lady” bringer of donuts and weird. This day was a little different though.
I recently wrote the latest Director’s Corner for the Suicide Prevention Resource Center. This installment focuses on Asian American Native Hawaiian Pacific Islander Heritage Month (AANHPI). I discuss how my […]
Transitioning into a new professional role can be both exciting and challenging.  For me, it has been an opportunity to further meaningful work in suicide prevention as the Director of […]
I’m a returning presenter at the Safe Schools Conference, discussing suicide prevention and the need to do more in schools. I’m pictured here with Michael Jenkins who does so much […]
What is Lived Experience? Lived Experience seems to be on the verge of emerging as an established professional field. We discussed the meaning of Lived Experience, as well as what about it might make it uniquely qualified to be viewed as a professional specialty.
As my time in Washington sets, I’m truly grateful to everyone who made this trip possible. I’m not able to share many details but I can say, I have made […]
Tomorrow is Veterans Day. Our veterans are highly vulnerable to suicide and its impact. If you support our veterans and wish to help change this alarming health trend, please get […]
I was recently a guest with Face 2 Face Therapy and we spoke about suicide prevention and wellbeing. Watch the Facebook video here
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