Hot Springs, Arkansas

This news article covers a suicide prevention conference that I organized and hosted. 

The Cracked, Not Broken Suicide Prevention Conference was a much-needed initiative in Hot Springs, Arkansas, aimed at starting a conversation about a subject that is often taboo. Suicide is complex and devastating and affects people from all walks of life. Events like this are crucial in raising awareness and supporting those who may be struggling.

As the organizer and host of the conference, I was honored to work with a team of passionate and dedicated individuals who shared a common goal of preventing suicide and promoting mental health. We knew the best way to tackle this issue was by bringing together a diverse group of people, including mental health professionals, community leaders, educators, and individuals with lived experiences.

The conference was held in March 2016 and was attended by over 200 people. The day-long event featured a series of workshops and presentations to educate attendees about suicide prevention and mental health promotion. The keynote speaker was Kevin Hines, a renowned lived experience expert in suicide prevention.

The conference also featured a resource fair where attendees could learn about local mental health services and organizations. This allowed individuals to connect with others and find support in their journey toward healing.

The Cracked, Not Broken Suicide Prevention Conference was a resounding success. It brought together a community of committed individuals to promote mental health and prevent suicide. It started a conversation about a complex subject and provided opportunities for support to those who may be struggling.

We hope to continue this vital work and create a brighter future where mental health is a priority and suicide is no longer taboo.


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