Local. Magazine was gracious enough to publish an article about Suicide Prevention Allies (the nonprofit I founded last year) and myself in this month’s edition.

Adam Cherepski did a phenomenal job of showcasing the work we do in the field of suicide prevention. I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Adam about our approach to this difficult topic and how we do our best to add a very human touch to prevention.

If you’re in the Little Rock, Arkansas area, please pick up a magazine and see how we are working to help address this heavy public health issue. If you can’t grab a magazine, you can check out the article online by accessing it through Issuu.

I would also like to thank Jeff Fuller-Freeman Photography for the fantabulous photography. Once again he made me feel more than publicly presentable. Special thanks to La Belle Vie Boutique Salon and the ever outstanding Beth Johnson for my hair and wardrobe styling. Because of these gorgeous ladies, I no longer scare people when I’m forced to be in the public.

And even more special thanks to AmyKenny Hilll for believing that I had something worth saying. I love this lady and her mission. Peer support is a beautiful, beautiful thing.


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