Stopping for your mental health is strength. (Because people will judge, gossip about, and look down on you and we know it. Because we realize we simply can’t go on as we are without something needing to change.)

Taking care of yourself is strength.
(Because no one will care for you how you can care for you.)

And doing this while others who know nothing about your life, situation, or current mental state judge you for things they have NEVER even attempted is STRENGTH.

I’ve quit when I didn’t want to. I’ve stepped back when I didn’t want to. And I’ve done what I needed for me, even when it impacted others and they didn’t understand, when I didn’t want to, because I HAD to.

Judge not lest ye be judged.

To shame and guilt others for living their life for themself is an absolutely disgraceful characteristic.

I said what I said.

Shame and guilt cause death.

suicideprevention is support, acceptance, and love.

I support Simone Biles.

But more important than that, I support ANYONE who needs it. By accepting them wholly without judging their situation or needs.

SimoneBiles #mentalhealth


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