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Bullying a Blinding Issue

Navigating the worlds of suicide prevention can be difficult. It’s definitely a delicate balance when it comes to the many ways people want to be engaged and represented in their individual journeys.

There are some things we have learned through experience, through education, and through the expertise of others. But there are also some very simple beliefs we hold dear to our hearts. Beliefs like, not everyone will always like you, but we can still do our best to be kind. We believe boundaries are part of a healthy self-care regimen. These include the types of people we engage and interact with in our lives. Boundaries that protect our wellbeing. Boundaries that set standards for our safety and the safety of others.

Safety and security are of the utmost importance. We want you all to be safe. To be happy and healthy. But we know we all encounter people who are in pain from time to time. Sometimes their pain spills over into the world around them. It isn’t fair. It isn’t easy. But it happens.

The thing is, we don’t always know what is going on in a person’s life. We don’t always know the tragedies or traumas a person has experienced. These traumas affect us, often deeply. They can alter our ability to be compassionate, to be aware of our impact on others, to be kind. We can hurt others and in that hurt, we can feel less alone.

How terrible, that a person can be in so much pain, that the act of hurting another can lead them to feel less alone.

Nothing in this world is simple. We don’t have all the answers and we don’t know the whole story but we do know, pain magnifies pain. Pain begets pain when allowed to go unaddressed.

Our approach to bullying is this, people are hurting. We do not condone physical violence. We do not agree with emotional, mental, verbal abuse. We do not believe in name calling or pointing fingers.

We believe these behaviors are symptoms of a much larger issue. When it comes to youth and children, we especially believe WE are the adults. It is our role to pause with them, see them, offer support, educate, help them through their pain, and never limit them with so simple and blind a phrase as “Bullying is for Losers.”

Everyday children are hurting. Everyday they are told they will never, are not, cannot… let’s change the way we communicate.

It won’t be quick or easy but in the end, if we put the work in…. we could change so many worlds.

Depression, Help, hope, Love, mental health, Strength, Suicide, suicide prevention


How many losses have you suffered over your lifetime? A handful, more? What if you endured numerous losses in a single week? 

Losing a loved one is hard. Strike that, it’s suffocating. It’s devastating. It’s traumatizing. It’s confusing. It’s unfair. It’s beyond the capacity of being defined by so simple a word as hard. Losing a loved one is losing a piece of your journey, your memories, your laughter, and your love to an intangible enemy. 

We can all agree, losing a loved one is painful in ways words can’t often express adequately. 

But what constitutes a loved one? 

Any person we have loved throughout our life? 

Is love an emotion that can only be shared between people? 

Any person who has ever shared space with a pet wouldn’t hesitate to express the enormity of their love and how valid a feeling it is for both them and their companion. This love, this shared expression of life is as meaningful as any other. 

Love has been categorized as being unconditional, affectionate, familiar, enduring, and playful. It is a connection shared beyond words. A bond made in quiet moments. A joy created when two souls play and dance together in happiness. Agape, Philia, Storge, Pragma, Ludus, LOVE a word so strong the Greeks bestowed it with 8 categories to try and contain its exponential meanings. The love of a pet could fall under many or even all of these categories. 

But where does the love of another’s pet fall? 

The love that is built when we first held you in our arms as a puppy. When we comforted the scared and confused kitten after their life-saving procedure. When we shared giddy moments as you danced about our space hoping for a treat. Softer hearts don’t often fare well against those literal puppy dog eyes and you definitely have the cutest. We are here because of our immense love of animals. We are here to serve you in your big times and small. We are here, loving your animals as though they were our own. After all they’ve been ours in immeasurable ways across countless dog or cat years. 

Life and love are larger and more evasive than we can imagine. In a single day, we can see both halt over and over and over. In a single day, we can come face to face with death until our hearts can’t bear anymore. In a single day we can experience some of the lowest lows known by man’s best friend. Yours, and our best friends. We’ve formed memories, moments, and meaning that can only ever be revisited. We grieve for you, in our way. We also grieve for them, for those souls who never spoke anything but the language of love. The hardest part is our love and our roles don’t end when their lives do, not for them and not for you. 

We push forward with hope. We cling to joy. And we pray you never forget how grateful we are to you for entrusting your precious lives and loves in our humbled hands. 

If you haven’t recently, thank your vet, your techs, and your clinic staff. It means more to them than you may realize. 

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World Suicide Prevention Day

Tomorrow is September 11th. On September 11th 2,996 people lost their lives in an attack the people of the United States vowed to never forget. Nearly 3,000 people woke up one morning to never see their loved ones again. It shook our country. Innocent lives were taken tragically before their time. They were stolen from us and we vowed to never let that happen again. We came together, we stood up, we worked as one to fight for a better future for everyone. 

‪Today is September 10th. Today is World Suicide Prevention Day. 

Globally, about 1 million people per year die by suicide. That’s a death every 40 seconds. 

In 2017, in the United States, almost 3,931 people died every month by suicide. Their loved ones woke up one morning to find out that they, too, were stolen from them. Their lives cut short. Some of these people were fathers, some were friends, some were veterinarians, some children, some police officers, and so many more. Why don’t we speak about this more? Why don’t we vow to act and make a change? Far too many are suffering in silence. There are no flags to honor these loved ones. There are no memorials for those we miss dearly. 

Life is precious. There is no comparing life and loss. Pain is pain. Your pain is not stronger or lesser than another, it simply is pain. 

In suicide, there are far too many misconceptions and simplistic “explanations” painted over complex and truly human issues because too often, we cannot handle not having a reasonable answer. 

The harsh truth is, oftentimes in suicide, there is no answer, only more questions.

Why, is the first question a suicide loss survivor asks. Sadly, why cannot be answered 99% of the time. 

Those who die by suicide are not weak, selfish, or cowardly. They often feel as though they are a burden, as though they are making things better by not being alive. Suicide is not a rational choice when looking at the mental health state of a person struggling with illness. 

Suicide is not a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Some people suffer agonizing pain every day, from the moment they wake up to the moment they wake up because they can’t even sleep long enough for it to count as sleep. How would you help them? How can we say they only have temporary problems when every moment is pain?

Suicidal people are just looking for “attention”. What trauma did they experience when they were younger that we know nothing about? What deep rooted hurts do they need healed but have no idea they are even there to have a chance to heal them? They need attention, they need the skills to help themselves. They need to be seen and validated. 

There are so many more misconceptions and far too simplistic sayings and so little time to question and attempt to explain them all. Learn, seek knowledge, ask. Don’t limit yourself because something sounds catchy or cute. Spark your passion before something sparks it for you. 

Did you wake up knowing today is world suicide prevention day?

If you did, I’m truly sorry for your loss. If you did, I’m sorry for the pain you may be enduring now. If you did, know you are not alone. We are here beside you, pushing forward for a brighter, happier, future.