What words can be said at a time like this to encompass the emotions we are drowning in? 


There are no words. 

Sorry is what we fall back on because we feel sympathy for those experiencing misfortune. We use it to express that we hurt for the agony being experienced by those left behind. We feel at a loss for words and so we grasp at what little our minds can wrap our trembling lips around. 

We are sorry, and we know that is not enough to cover what can never be covered fully. But it is all we may be able to find when we’re searching for the “right” thing to say. 

Thank you all for the words you’ve shared the past few days. Thank you for taking the time to say anything at all. Your words, no matter how seemingly small, have not gone unnoticed. 

Thank you for your hearts and compassion during this tragedy. Thank you for everything. You have helped. You have. We thank you for that. 

For information about upcoming services, information will be shared in the paper soon. 

Please excuse my delays in communication and response these past few days.


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