Speaking Fearlessly Always

Discover the Path to Fearless Expression as I reflect and grow from my work in the fields of Lived Experience and Suicide Prevention.

Learn with me, if you're up for the challenge. 



Last Thanksgiving…. there are still no words for the loss we endured. The holidays have never been a time of year I’ve looked forward to, but even more so now. […]
“Life is precious, and so is saying goodbye.” -Linda Kreter Grief is the longest, most painful goodbye. It’s awful, one-sided, awkward, and agonizing. Just when you think you have let […]
I had been wanting to go to for months, just to see amazing people share their souls. asked me as soon as I walked in if I was going to share. I […]
What words can be said at a time like this to encompass the emotions we are drowning in?  None.  There are no words.  Sorry is what we fall back on […]
This post contains content displaying a child abuse event and explicit language. Should you feel you need additional support, you can connect with a trained volunteer at the National Suicide […]
Dad, today you should turn 64. Over the years, on this day I have always wondered, what would this day be like with you here? Would it have been just […]
I was taught not to cry. Tears were unacceptable. Tears were not allowed even while you were being dragged outside of a moving vehicle, even while she screamed maniacally into […]
At the 2017 Veterans’ Summit, I had the privilege of being the keynote speaker, sharing my personal story of how my father’s personal and professional struggles as a military veteran […]
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